Welcome to Puppy's Palace of Poetry!

Here lies the forum for fantasy, fiction, and fact as only I tell it. At this time, this is only a sample of what I have written. I intend to add more as the fancy strikes me. The view is plain as I wanted to focus on content. Please interpret my work as to allow it to form its own image. Some are happy and some quite depressing as poetry for me is a literary map of my emotions at a given moment.

I have found that for a long time I was unable to write anything of worth. So, much of my better stuff is from several years ago. But recently, my muse returned with a vengeance to purge my soul of nearly two years of oppression. Though my quality poetry is my venting of depression, I owe the credit of the phoenix's rebirth to a pretty face on the train. After a chance encounter, the words just flowed and never stopped.

The cleansing and rebuilding of my sanity involved purging myself of things that were different from how I wish to live. And learning to know myself as others would not.

As I look to my older work, I find a recurring theme throughout many of poems which I attribute to one of my favorite pieces.

I have more that I wish to put up, but I'll save them for a later time as my fingers grow weary of typing.

Please note that these poems are my property and may not be reprinted or utilized in any form without my written consent. Anyone who dares plagiarizing me will be brutally tortured! Enjoy.

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last updated on May 23, 2001